My Journey

Born and raised in the culinary hub of Pakistan, I developed an interest in cooking specialty savory foods at home. However, I did not have much interest in baking sweets and desserts. I came to the US to join my husband almost two decades ago.  His career took the family from the US east coast to Abu Dhabi, and then back to Richmond, TX. 

It was in Abu Dhabi that my young 6 years old daughter became obsessed with baking shows on the Food Network that intrigued her little mind about questions like: incorporating blueberries in a vanilla cake recipe, or what would happen if you add more baking powder to a recipe etc. 

I was not a baker myself at that time, but that didn’t stop me from trying to learn in order to satisfy my little one's curiosity. What was initially started as a Mother-daughter bonding experience, later turned out to be a great learning tool for me as I was able to elevate my level of understanding and comfort with baking concepts. Inspired by Ace of Cakes baker Duff Goldman, my daughter and I began testing recipes and trying new things in their home kitchen. That was when I fell in love with baking, despite still claiming that I do not have a sweet tooth of my own. 

After a few years of experimenting and perfecting my recipes in my own kitchen, I decided to open M’s Cakes & Bakes in 2017. I now provide a wide variety of desserts, from custom cakes of all sizes to French pastries. I am currently serving my customers around the Richmond and greater Houston area.